Agan delves into the innermost sound of life with “Amplification of movements”. Textural exploration is of the greatest importance for these are sounds that by their very nature shift. By ebbing and flowing with the greatest of ease, Agan allows for a perfect intermingling of field recordings, industrial and digital experimentation. Without needing to say a single word Agan creates a unique journey over the course of the album, one where sound is elaborated upon in unusual deftly handled ways.

“Energy Flows” starts the album on a cryptic note, with a hard to define aura emitting from the sound. A lighter touch prevails on the tenderness of “Dreaming Awake”. For this piece Agan incorporates more recognizable elements into the mix. With a lovely melody leading the way the song unfolds in a blissful, careful fashion that feels reminiscent of some of 12K’s best artists. Tension reigns supreme on the geometric styles of “Uncoscious Connections”. Beats serve a more emotive purpose on this track while the drones weave their way around the influx of different tempos. Impossible to fully pin down, the song is easily the highlight of the album. Pulsing with energy is the immersive experience of “Ritual Shaft”. With an almost catchy groove to it is the elastic sound of “Fluid Perceptions” where Agan flirts with more conventional sonic structures. Ending the album on a regal note is the spacious scope of “Flying In A Blue Dream” which brings everything to a satisfying conclusion.

Rather elegant in its unpredictability, Agan delivers the unexpected with “Amplification of movements”.

Fonte Originale: Beach Sloth