(Ambient Space music)

Giuseppe Carlini started his musical career back in the late 90s as a DJ at several clubs in the north of Italy. In 2001 he founded the musical project Agan and began to produce electronic music as self taught. From 2007 on he attended the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, where he graduated as a Sound Engineer and Midi Programmer. Right after that, in 2008, he formed the duo PLASTER together with Gianclaudio H. Moniri aka KAEBA.

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Giuseppe carlini - Recherche
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Plaster relased their first official album called Platforms in 2011, published by the Ukrainian label Kvitnu and followed with strong outputs on labels such like Stroboscopic Artefacts, Touchin' Bass, SonuoS, Crazy Language and Brainstorm Lab. Over the years Plaster have performed in various festivals around Europe and Asia, among the most important: Krake Festival (Germany) Rural Festival (Japan), Dancity Festival (Foligno), Intouch Festival (Belarus) and many others.In 2014 Giuseppe decided to dedicate himself exclusively to the Agan project and in 2017 he released on vinyl Amplification of Movements, his first album dedicated to the Natural Reserve of Lake Vico, published by the collective Romano, Stochastic Resonance


The Pinnacle Desert – Western Australia

Agan Presents his performance "Amplification of Movements 1.0 At the wonderful location of The Pinnacle Desert, located within the natural reserve of Nambung National Park

Dreaming Awake

(Ambient Space music)

Video made in the Natural Reserve of Vico lake situated on the province of Viterbo(Italy). Dreaming Awake is a track extracted from the album "Amplification of Movements"

Tibet Festival

Presentation of Amplification of Movements 2.0 on the occasion of the first edition of the Tibet Festival in Rome. Ambient music and Singing bowls"


Collaboration with the Hungarian Visual Artist Lazslo Bordos At the Lumina Festival in Cascais in Portugal. Music extracted from the album Amplification of Movements

Klang Roma

Presentation of the performance Amplification of Movements with the Italian Visual Artist: Squal

Music For the Trees

Event organized by Stochastic Resonance in collaboration with Casale Alba 1 in Rome at the park of Aguzzano. The electricity needed for the event was provided by a specially built renewable energy plant."