Plaster is an electronic music project founded in 2008 by Giuseppe Carlini and Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri with the intention of merging their solo projects Agan e KaebaTheir music is mostly characterized by a dark attitude, and a direction which aims to mix ambient music, deep beats and sharp sounds; with a technique that always balances the deepness of the sound and where every sound can be interpreted as a story in itself.

giuseppe-carlini- Plaster - lasal - lpm-festival-roma-1
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster - lasal - lpm-festival-roma
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster - dromoscope - esc-roma
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster - xlab-Berlin
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster - dancity-festival-foligno
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster- Berghain - kantine -Berlin
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster - intouch festival-minsk
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster -suicide-circus berlin
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster -brancaleone -sensoralia-festival
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster -circolo-degli-artisti- roma
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster - pagliaio- roma
giuseppe-carlini- Plaster - tempio-romanico-san-francesco

In 2011 they started their collaboration with the Ukrainian label Kvitnu, which published their first works and which led them to find a wider audience in Europe and beyond, in fact in 2012 they begin to publish music with labels such as Stroboscopic Artefacts e Touchin’ Bass that takes Plaster’s sound in a more Techno direction while preserving their experimental approach. This extensive exhibition led the duo to play at major festivals and clubs around the world and simultaneously to expand their music to dance shows, 3D structural mappings, video games and short film. In 2014 Giuseppe decided to leave the project for a personal break, then Mainframe, released by Kvitnu in 2015, is the first album that sees Gianclaudio as the only member of Plaster.


Lydia K

"In 2009 Plaster collaborated with the English video maker David Terranova and the beautiful and suggestive video "Lydia K" comes to life in which the track "Structure" contained in their first album "Platforms" is used

Sensoralia Festival 2010 (Brancaleone)

"Presentation of the live performance"Platforms"at the Brancaleone in Rome on the occasion of the Sensoralia Festival in 2010

Live al Berghain Kantine

"Plaster debuted internationally at the Berghain Cantine in Berlin. The beginning of a long collaboration with the Spanish Visual Artist Lasal Valerian and Nico Duster the founder of the Berlin label Killekill"