PLASTER [ Stroboscopic Artefacts, Kvitnu ] Italy

For their Smoke Machine UN#20 mix, Plaster have created a dense and detailed soundscape, rich in color and variation. Through out the mix, polarized elements seem to be woven together seamlessly: smooth, rolling beats juxtaposed with growling, distortion soaked leads; bare rhythms offset by off-the-grid deviations; long, flowing grooves shifting into sudden transitions. However, because of their flawless execution, these divergent layers never conflict, but rather highlight and enrich the distinct sounds, creating an overall sense of balance and symmetry.

Alongside this contrast of textures, Plaster continuously use minutiae and variations to embellish their sound. Within every loop, there is constant movement and permutation. Plaster’s beats, at times, feel like unfolding images of perfection; with every iteration, the loop is reworked and reimagined into some new, equally consummate, form. By maintaining a consistent sonic palette and keeping the rhythmic core intact, this perpetual motion never feels jarring or frenetic, but rather creates the effect of subtle, shifting colors, akin to the fluid changes of water’s surface, or the evolution of time lapsed images.

3.Program Q_nex
8.Double Connection (Zavoloka Rmx)
9Xenas (Datacrashrobot Rmx)

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